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8% cash discount on Syngenta seed! Call for details.
We'll be celebrating Customer Appreciation Day coming in August.
New bean drill for this year and a man to run it. Call for details.

Welcome to Steinbeck & Sons

We are a 4th generation, independent and family owned ag supply business. We handle all types of fertilizers including liquid and dry starters as well as anhydrous ammonia. We offer a full line of crop protection chemicals from numerous companies and can provide custom application services on any of the products we sell.

We offer any type of seed that you might need, from grass and cover crop, to corn, soybeans and alfalfa. We have custom planting and drilling services available. We also provide LP gas services along with LP contracting so you know what your heating cost will be for the season. Feel free to contact us today to see how we can service your home, farm or business.

Additional Services We Offer
Custom Application

We can custom apply any product we sell. We also have a professional aerial applicator we use for fungicide and early fall cover crops.

Crop Scouting

We can handle any type of crop scouting job that you need, from the occasional problem area to the scheduled entire farm approach.

Soil Sampling

All of our samples are run by a nationally known soil lab. We work with 2 acre grids as well as sampling by soil types in different regions of the field.

Farm Plan Merchant
Farm Plan

Financing through John Deere Financial is a powerful tool for arranging credit. We have most programs available, including some that are exclusive to us.

Yield Monitoring

We see many different side by side comparisons through each year, from seed comparisons to starter fertilizer and many different Biological additives.

Crop Protection

We have over 30 years of experience with crop protection. Contact us for help with your crop protection plan for this next crop season.

Consulting Services

We offer advice on any aspect of your farming operation including fertilizer, chemicals, fungicides, as well as seed and seed treatments we can help.

Precision Farm Services
Farm Services

We can help with your data. We have the capability of producing a yield map or a prescription map for any variable rate application or planting.

We believe in working hard for our customers

Each member of our team provides a special skillset that is essential for day-to-day operations. We make it a point to experience the same conditions and challenges that our customers face. This approach not only separates our know-how from our competition, but also saves our customers time and money. + READ MORE